Monday, November 26, 2012

Celebrating the Season

Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are in full gear as Christmas rapidly approaches.  We are replacing our pumpkins, fall leaves, and Indian corn with evergreen, pine cones and our Advent wreath.  The children decorated their little tree with ornaments and Legos and talked about how in a week's time, we would bring home our big tree.  My dear husband, with the help of some of the older kids put up the outside lights.  I have been finding our table linens, towels and stockings.  Oh no!  The stockings!  Today, I was very sorry to find that someone had accidentally put a sack of potatoes in with one of our Christmas boxes.  No one knows how this happened as the potatoes are usually kept on a shelf far away from our decorations.  As a result, the rotten potatoes leaked onto some of the stockings.  I was able to clean many of them, but four were completely ruined.  Mom's and Dad's and two of the kids'.  We decided that we would replace the kids', but Mom and Dad will just wait on theirs.  It's all just stuff, of course, but what a nasty surprise.  The experience definitely added a new twist to the old coal in the stockings idea.  Now if the kids misbehave, I can threaten with rotten potatoes! 

I definitely do not have a perfect home, but I was blessed once again as I watched my children getting the house ready to celebrate the season.  They were singing along with the Christmas carols we had playing and were helping each other with the decorating.  We took a car ride to see the annual "Festival of Lights".  We have Christmas parties coming up and I will be singing in "Messiah" soon.  We will be baking and shopping and wrapping and signing our Christmas cards.  There is much to do and there are so many ways we can get ready to celebrate, but before we get too carried away, I want to stop and reflect on Who we are really celebrating.  We read our weekly Advent Scriptures and sing about Him in our church and at home, but are we truly celebrating the One who willingly came to this Earth, knowing that a Cross was in His future?  This season that we celebrate is beautiful, but it's only beautiful when we celebrate the gift of Jesus Christ every day of our lives.  My Savior and my Lord loves me with a love that I will never fully comprehend.  Take all of the other things away, the lights, the gifts, the stockings and He is still there.  May our prayer at this time of year and everyday be "Oh, come to my heart, Lord Jesus.  There is room in my heart for Thee." 


ginny said...

as always, warm, funny, and thoughtful blog.

Dawne said...

Thank you, Ginny! Very rarely do I stop to comment on my own blog, but I do appreciate everyone who reads it and for your encouraging words. Merry Christmas to you!