Thursday, December 30, 2010

"We Will Dance"

Today, we said goodbye to a dear friend. Jennifer has been fighting ALS for the last few years and on Christmas she went to celebrate Jesus' birthday with Him. The sun, which had just started shining for the first time that day, shined on her face before she breathed her last breath.

One of my first memories of Jennifer was in the church nursery many years ago. I remember how she cuddled, rocked and walked those babies all around the room. I remember the joy she had around children. Jennifer watched our kids and even in her wheelchair loved to hold babies. Before becoming sick, she would come to clean our home with her close friend, Tammy, giving this tired Mommy a break. I so looked forward to those times because I not only had some extra help and a cleaner house, but I received such encouragement and love from this woman of God. David and I were also blessed when we had a Bible study with Jen and her husband, Gary for several weeks one summer.

The love of Jesus radiated through Jennifer's life. There was not a place that she went that one could not feel that love. Can you picture a dark room and the only light you have is a flashlight? As long as you shine that light around the room, you can see. Turn that light off and it's dark again. Jennifer was like that light, except that she kept shining. She was always the person you could talk to. She always had a shoulder to cry on. You knew if you asked for prayer that Jennifer would pray. She loved to sing and praise the Lord. She had a smile that glowed. She was a huge advocate for life and the unborn. She was not ashamed of the gospel. She loved and served her Creator with passion and wanted everyone to know Him.

Jennifer was a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister and friend. I have not known many people that had such a love for God and for others as Jennifer did. She was truly a beautiful woman of God and a wonderful ambassador for Christ.

Even though we all feel a tremendous loss and miss her beyond words, we know she is with her Lord at last. She has her voice again and can sing and shout praise to her Heavenly Father. She does not need that wheelchair anymore. She is walking, running and dancing before Him. Praise God that she is home! And, one day, we are going to dance beside her, giving glory and honor to the King of kings. Thank You, Lord for Jennifer's life. Thank You that we had the awesome privilege of knowing and loving her. Thank You that she is with You. Thank You for Your promise of eternal life to those that belong to You. We will all dance on those golden streets and sing the song of the Lamb. Praise the Lord!

We Will Dance

Sing a song of celebration

Lift up a shout of praise

for the Bridegroom will come,

the glorious One

And Oh, we will look on His face

We'll go to a much better place

Dance with all your might

Lift up your hands and clap for joy

The time's drawing near,

when He will appear

And oh, we will stand by His side

A strong, pure, spotless bride


We will dance on the streets that are golden

The glorious bride and the great Son of man

From every tongue and tribe and nation

We'll join in the song of the Lamb

Sing aloud for the time of rejoicing is near

The risen King, our groom, is soon to appear

The wedding feast to come

Is now near at hand

Lift up your voice,

Proclaim the coming Lamb


Unknown said...

So beautiful Dawne...I know that she is with all those wonderful babies and children, holding them in her arms..thank you for loving her..

Terry and Linda Lee said...

Thank you, Dawne for the beautiful reminder of all that is to come. Yours is a wonderful tribute to your dear friend, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, child and most of all, A child of her Lord.

Thank you also for reminding me of that wonderful song, one of my favorites!

I had been praying for a pastor's newborn son, Samuel,in California. His dad is a pastor. He was born with a severe hernia in his diaphram and a heart condition. With only the hernia, half of the babies do not survive. Samuel went to be with the Lord on Friday. The next day a loving grandmother joined him with Jesus. I thought you would like to hear about him.

Melanie Suvoy said...

Hi Dawne,
I am Jennifer's youngest sister Melanie from California. I came across this tonight(2/11) for the first time. I want to personally say
Thank You... You have given the most beautiful,Honorable,& Loving depiction of my sister's life !! I am honored by your love for Jennifer.
I am sure she would want me to say to you, Thank You sweetie, I love You too.