Saturday, January 30, 2010

Our Little Blessing

January is almost over already and we've been keeping busy with our school routine, piano lessons, having a baby, house repairs, animal care...oh. Did I mention, having a baby? A new little blessing arrived two days ago. Esther Amelia came a little earlier than expected and what a sweet little blessing she is! I was trying to finish out our school week. Lesson plans were all set for Thursday and Friday. We were supposed to go to our monthly gym class and I had a Bible study scheduled for today, but God had other plans! So, we are enjoying our baby break a little earlier and getting to know this precious little girl.

On Wednesday of this week, I knew something was happening and thought the baby would possibly be here by the weekend. By late Wednesday night, I was beginning to feel uncomfortable. I thought contractions would slow down if I tried to sleep, but they actually grew more intense. My three year old was restless that night of all nights, and so in between contractions, I talked to him and tried to get him settled down. I watched the sunrise and the horses dance a little in the pasture to the chilling wind that was swirling around and finally woke my husband a little after 7:00. I wanted to let him rest as long as possible, but I needed him. An hour later, I left a message with the midwife and grew more and more uncomfortable, but I continued to try and keep the house running, ordering the kids to finish their chores and watching the little ones. The midwife arrived a little later and found me to be at 6 cm., so she decided to run home for a few more things. She lives just down the road, so she can do this, but by the time she returned, things had really progressed. I was trying to pull a few baby clothes out of bins so the baby would have something to wear, but I gave up on that. The contractions were coming at an intensity that I could barely put two words together. My water broke and before too long, I knew it was time to push. I think I pushed about three times and then, Esther came into the world. She was born at 10:40 and was 6 lb.4 oz. and 19 1/4" long. I think I'm still in shock over the quickness of her birth, but I am so thankful to God for yet another good delivery and a healthy child.

God is amazing! He had Esther Amelia in mind from before the creation of the world. I do not know what God has in store for Esther. She may never be a queen like Esther in the Bible. She probably won't fly an airplane like Amelia Earhart, but my prayer is that she will follow God with all of her heart and will show the love of Jesus to every life she touches. Thank You, Lord for our little blessing. She is Yours Lord. May You use her to make a difference in this life.


Tammy said...

What a beautiful birth story, Dawne...first of all, your writing style is beautiful. But also, the story of the birth itself is also...what a blessing for it all to come so fast and- as births go- relatively easy!
And I can't believe your efforts in trying to manage your home through it are an amazing woman and I'm blessed to know you and be your friend, (howbeit long distance!)

David said...

You are wonderful wife and a fantastic mother. You reflect the goodness of God in your heart and in your selfless love for your family. You are an inspiration to everyone around you beloved wife.

Terry and Linda Lee said...

Oh, Dawne!
I can just see you digging in bins and choosing newborn clothes during active labor. Amazing!

I remember not long before Nathan's birth you were completing last minute touches to our tea party, adding the special treats from a tea shop. You were also moving back and forth sorting toys to move from the boy's room, stopping to lean on a chair. Talk about nesting. . .

I was glad when the midwife came and you went to your room. I was sad you didn't get to have tea with us. After the tea party I spent some time with Rachel, who wanted to wait up. You got your own tea party the next day.

I hadn't completing washing the china cups and saucers when I heard, "It's a boy!" Such miracles and you do it so well! We are very proud of you and so blessed you are part if our family!