Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fifty Years

On December 11, 1959, two very important people were married. She wore a white gown and he wore a suit. Their wedding colors were red and green. They were married in a small church in Canton, Ohio. It was nothing fancy by today's standards, but it was beautiful. Some of their favorite music was played. Their reception consisted of mints, nuts and wedding cake. Their simple, yet special day was the beginning of a life filled with joy and tears, but many blessings.
It's not a common thing for two people to be married as long as this couple have been. In a day, where people live for themselves and their own interests, being married for fifty years is quite an accomplishment. This couple has had their share of disappointments and years of hardships. It hasn't been smooth sailing all of the time, but they have stayed together, through thick and thin. There has been sickness, loss of jobs, trouble with extended family and days that they simply did not get along, but through it all, they have remained true to their commitment.
They were blessed with three children and are now blessed with ten grandchildren. They still live in the little green house where they've lived for the last forty-three years. They have been a blessing, not only to their family, but to so many others.
These two important people are my parents. I am continually grateful to God for Mom and Dad. They have not only blessed my brother and sister and I, but they have blessed our children with a wonderful legacy. What a testimony their marriage has been. Thank you, Mom and Dad for being the constant support and example to all of us that you have been. Thank you, for staying together all of these years. Thank you, for loving us and our kids. Thank you for all of the memories, the lessons taught and the Godly heritage that you have passed down to us. We only pray, that we can be the example to our children and to others around us that you have been to us. We honor you for being our parents and we celebrate your fifty years together. Thank you, Mom and Dad. We love you.

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