Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Just One Day

If I could have just one day, when no one comes to the house, maybe we could accomplish more school. If I could have just one day, where we could stay home, we could finish some housework. If I could have just one day, when the kids were obedient and finished their chores without being asked, didn't dawdle over assignments and didn't expect rewards without work, I would feel like there was more peace in the home. If I could have just one day, when my husband arrived home earlier and the kids went to bed on time, maybe we could have some time just for us. If I could have just one day, when I remembered every little detail about managing the home, I would have less stress. Well, would I really be happy if that "one day" ever happened? The fact is, that no day will ever fit into my "perfect agenda". The piano tuner will be here taking up most of my morning. The midwife will come to check on the new little one that is waiting to be born. The kids have to go to their music lessons. They also do not obey perfectly every time. Hubby comes home late on some nights. I will forget the details that need done. I am not going to get it all done, but am I asking God to bless my days? Am I asking Him what He wants me to accomplish for each day? Or, do I just show Him my lesson plans and hope that He can keep up with me, too? Dear Lord, each day is a gift from You. Help me to seek Your will and not mine. May my children witness Your love working through me, even when our days don't go as planned. Draw my heart to You and help me to accomplish what You want me to. And, God, thank You that one day, we will be with You and it will all be perfect. "When He shall appear, we shall be like Him; for we shall see Him as He is." I John 3: 2

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