Sunday, July 12, 2009

Country of the Week

During morning devotions with the children, we have been praying for a different country each week. We began with the countries of Africa, moved onto Europe and are now praying for the continent of Asia. We refer to the "National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers" and study the population, capital, language and flags of each country, as well as location, industry and agriculture. It is a quick way to get in our geography and a wonderful way to instill an awareness of all of the people all over the world that need Jesus. I originally heard about this idea a few years ago at one of my home school meetings and it soon became popular here in our school. I hope you will enjoy seeing which country we will be praying for each week and encourage you to either join us in praying for this country or to begin praying on your own with your own family. May God continue to give all of us a heart for the lost.

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