Sunday, June 14, 2009

My response to a suggestion for president in 2012

A friend of mine had made a suggestion for president on her Face book page and I responded with the following message:

I wish the Church would wake up. The Church in America is just like Laodicea. It is lukewarm. The culture has crept and sometimes been invited in, so things that are wrong according to God's standards are somehow okay now, because there are suddenly gray areas. I am convinced that the only way the Church will have revival is when persecution comes. That's when we're going to find out who really trusts in the Lord and who just wants to be comfortable. I couldn't vote for McCain because I am sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. I voted for someone that was a Godly man, who really wanted to do something about all of these babies that are being murdered and believed in the same freedoms that our forefathers did. He didn't have a chance, but for the first time, I was at peace with my vote.

I had Christians tell me that I was nuts for not voting for McCain because Obama would win. Well, I pretty much knew he would anyway. I did not want to live or vote out of fear. Fear isn't from the Lord. And, even if McCain would have won, he didn't have the integrity that is needed to be the leader of this country. We haven't had a man like that for a LONG time. I'll go one step further to say that even if our beloved George Washington or Abe Lincoln would run now, they couldn't save this country, and I don't think they would win. This country wanted what it got. America does not honor life, whether it be in the womb, a disabled or an elderly person. America hates God. We have shoved him out of every area of our lives and do not want to be accountable to anyone. God can still work, but the American Church better get serious about their faith and stop playing games. Pray, pray, pray and then, do not be ashamed of the gospel. Romans 1:16

We are going to see some very tough times ahead. Are we going to be overcomers or are we just going to go down with the rest of our society? My heart cry is that we hope in the things that will last and that we will never be comfortable here. This is not our home.

I usually keep pretty silent about things except with my husband and closest friends, but I felt that God wanted me to share my heart. There are so many more things that could have been said, but this is what He gave me. I am not pretending to have it all together. The fact is, God continues to work on this heart of mine. I want to stop playing the games, living in my own little world and forgetting that there are people dying without Jesus. My prayer is that God will stir a passion in all of our hearts to stop fearing man and to keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. We are nothing without Him. These are exciting days we live in. Yes, they are scary and unpredictable, but where is our hope? I am going to choose Jesus, no matter what it costs.

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